Professional Photographer Serving Miami and Surrounding Areas

Thanks to digital cameras, now more than ever before the ability to take amazing pictures is within the grasp of just about anybody. It’s sometimes tempting to consider saving money by simply taking your own pictures or having a friend who is an amateur photographer take your pictures. After all, if you have a good camera, all you need to do to get a great picture is point and shoot…right?

The truth is that  being a professional photographer is a complex and difficult profession that requires a great deal of training and discipline to master. Taking great pictures requires an understanding of lighting and the ability to deal with natural elements like wind, rain and sun. It also requires an understanding of human physiology and psychology in order to properly coach a subject, so that a photo captures just the right emotions and image.

What other skills does a good professional photographer have?

Good professional photographers have skills that go well beyond taking great pictures. They must also have good business skills and have systems and processes in place to deliver outstanding customer service from the beginning to end of a project. Excellent communication is critical in order to understand exactly what a client wants and to make sure that everyone involved in a project is on the same page.

Thanks to his years of experience and his mentoring by some of the best professional photographers in the area, Jamie Chalem is a true professional photographer in every sense of the word. His keen eye for detail, his ability to put his clients at ease, and his unique style allow him to excel at many different types of photography, including professional headshot and portrait photography, commercial photography, wedding photography, and family photography. When you work with Jamie, you can rest assured that you will get the results you want from your photographs.