Wedding Photographer Serving Miami and South Florida

Jamie Chalem is an experienced wedding photographer who understands how important it is to a couple to have their memories from their special day preserved for future years.

An accomplished wedding photographer needs skills above and beyond that of a portrait photographer, because there are no do-overs when documenting a live event—if the photographer isn’t there to take the picture when the action is occurring, the opportunity is gone forever. Jamie has both the photography skills to capture the events and emotions of the day, and the interpersonal skills to deal with many different personality types during what can sometimes be a stressful time.

Wedding Photography Packages

In order to accommodate different budgets, Jamie offers several different packages for his wedding photography services. If at all possible, he prefers to be with the couple from the time the bride starts getting ready to just past the time when they cut the cake at the reception. This will allow him to tell the complete story of the day when he puts the album together.

Although Jamie can provide a wedding album, he does not require that a couple get their wedding photo album through him. He usually provides a couple with 300—500 edited (cropped and color-corrected) photos from their wedding day, and from those they can select 80-100 photos for the album, which then get a full edit.

In order to ensure that all the important events and scenes from the day are recorded, Jamie always uses a second photographer when he shoots a wedding. All his back-up photographers work with him on a regular basis, so they understand his style and have a good working relationship with him.

In addition to weddings in the Miami area, Jamie is available for destination wedding photography. To learn more about Jamie’s wedding photography services, contact him to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans and budget.