Headshot Photographer & Portraits Serving Miami FL

Jaime Chalem is an accomplished portrait and headshot photographer who has worked with numerous actors and actresses, CEOs, business leaders, attorneys, real estate agents, and other independent professionals who want to develop their personal brand and make a great first impression.

He understands the nuances of both men’s headshot photography and women’s headshot photography, and understands the importance of headshots in the entertainment industry. He knows that a headshot must stand out from the dozens or even hundreds of other photos that agents or casting directors will look at on any given day, and must grab their attention in the split second that it will be in front of them.

For business professionals, a headshot must be consistent with both their personal brand and the brand of the company they represent. Jamie takes the time to consult with his clients before a photo session so that he can be sure to capture the look that they want in their business headshots. This is one of the things that sets a true, professional headshot photographer apart from amateurs—they have the interpersonal skills necessary to coach their clients during a photo shoot so that clients looks relaxed and natural in their headshots.

Jaime gets many questions about his portrait and head shot photography services. Here are answers to some of the most common.

Do I really need a professional headshot photographer? Can I just have a friend take my picture instead?

You only need a professional headshot photographer if you want important people whose opinion you care about to take you seriously. In other words, yes—you absolutely need a professional headshot. Whether you are a business leader, independent professional, actor/actress, or just someone entering the workforce and applying for jobs, having a professional headshot will make you stand out from the crowd and give a good first impression.

I’m a Florida-based actor/actress. Will the headshots you take for me work if I move to L.A. or New York?

Yes, you will be able to use your head shots in the L.A. and New York markets. In fact, Jamie Chalem studied under a photographer who specialized in those markets, so he understands how to take head shots that are versatile enough to work any market.

How long does a headshot or portrait photography session take?

The length of a portrait or head shot photography session depends on several factors. If the subject is not using a hair or makeup specialist and there are limited wardrobe changes, it will usually take about two hours from beginning to end (including the photo selection process after the shoot).

If a hair or makeup specialist is used, it adds about an hour to the time required for the photography session.

Should I hire a hair and makeup professional for my headshot photo session?

Jamie strongly recommends that everyone hire a hair and makeup professional to assist in the headshot photo session, especially women. Men can sometimes do without a hair and makeup specialist, but the end result will almost always be better if one is used.

Given the importance of a headshot in the process of getting an audition, the extra expense of a hair and makeup specialist is well worth it.

Is there a difference between a portrait and a headshot?

Although these terms are used in different ways in the photography business, in general the term headshot refers to a photograph that is intended to be a professional representation of an individual. In the entertainment business especially, there are very specific expectations and requirements when it comes to professional headshots.

On the other hand, a portrait photograph is usually more artistic than a headshot and may show an individual displaying a particular emotion or expression other than simply smiling into the camera. It could be used in professional settings, but could also be used for a family gallery or album.

Do you re-touch portrait and headshot photographs?

Yes, however headshot photographs, especially for actors and actresses, are only retouched in a very natural way to ensure that the photograph looks like the subject. This is critical in the entertainment industry—if an actor or actress is called in for an audition and does not look like their headshot, the audition will be over before it begins.

What should I wear for my professional portrait or headshot photo shoot?

You should wear solid primary colors like white, blue, red, gray, black, etc. If there is a color that, when you wear it, usually causes people to compliment you on your appearance, that’s probably what you should wear. Your clothes should be pressed and clean, and should reflect the image you want to project.

In addition, you should not wear clothes that make you uncomfortable, even if they look good. During the course of a two-hour headshot photo session, it will be extremely difficult to look relaxed and natural if you are uncomfortable. Wear clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose-fitting, and that does not distract from your face, which of course should be the focus of the headshot.