Family Photographer in Miami, FL

Using photography to capture the personality and culture of a family is one of Jamie Chalem’s specialties. While some families prefer a more traditional portrait, others want to have some fun and express themselves in a unique way—for example, having their portrait taken wearing costumes, or using various props. Jamie can accommodate either type of family equally well. If you’d like your family portraits to be a little more artistic vs traditional, simply let Jamie know when you schedule your session, and he’ll discuss some ideas with you about how to capture your family’s unique personality.

What is included in a family photography session?

The fee for each session includes the actual photo shoot plus 15-20 edited photos.

How long does a family photo session typically last?

A family portrait photo shoot usually lasts between 60-90 minutes. The main factor that determines how long the session lasts is the number of family members that need to be photographed, and the cooperation level of young children in the family.

I have young children who don’t like getting their picture taken. Can we still do a photo session?

Jamie has extensive experience working with families with young kids, and has a knack for getting them to cooperate. It only takes a split second of everyone being in the right place to capture the perfect photograph, so even if your children are of the more “active” variety, your family portrait can still turn out great. Having said that, if you think your child might be bent on thwarting the success of a photo session, then you should bring that concern to Jamie before scheduling the session to see if you can find a solution.