Professional Commercial Photographer Serving Miami, FL

Jaime Chalem has a wide variety of experience working as a commercial photographer on projects both large and small. He can handle anything from product photography to portrait and lifestyle photography, and can do photo shoots either in-studio or on location.

His commercial photography clients have included basketball players from the Miami Heat, the Invicta Watch Group, local Police Departments, and numerous actors and actresses.

When beginning a new commercial project, Jamie will meet with the client to discuss the content for the photo campaign, the budget, the overall look and feel required, and the desired results. He’ll also discuss options for bringing in outside talent. If desired, Jamie will take care of sourcing and hiring models for the photo shoot.

After the initial meeting is complete, Jamie will scout for potential locations for the photo shoot and hire any talent required. He uses a storyboarding process to plan the photo shoot, and then has a meeting with the marketing director, hair and makeup director, set designer, and any other parties involved in the process to finalize the plan for the photo shoot.

A photo shoot can last anywhere from a few hours to a full day or more. Afterwards, Jamie will meet with the client to review the images if desired, or simply send the images to the client. He can handle editing of the photos if the project requires it, or the client can handle that on their own.

To schedule an initial meeting to discuss your commercial photography project, contact Jaime Chalem today.