About Me

Growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Jamie became interested in photography at a young age. He started out photographing airplanes at the local airport, and quickly fell in love with both the art of photography and aviation. After his family came to the United States, Jamie turned his second love into a career as a commercial airline pilot, while continuing to hone his talent as a photographer. The ability to fly anywhere in the world for free as an airline employee allowed him to capture people and places from around the world through his camera lens.

Eventually, Jamie decided that it was time to turn his passion for photography into a full-time career. He became a protégé of several professional photographers with decades of experience who taught him not only the art but the business of photography. In 2008, he opened his own photography studio and named it after his nickname, “Nisso”. Since that time, he has earned a reputation as one of the top portrait and headshot photographers in Miami, and has also expanded his services to include family photography, wedding photography, and commercial photography.