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Home Blog Commercial Photography Aventura Police Department - SWAT Team

you know by now, I have been photographing the members of all the special teams for the City of Aventura's Police Department. Today, I had the pleasure of shooting the SWAT team. It was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to spend the day with these guys, but I also got to see first hand how they train in order to accomplish their very dangerous missions. The SWAT Team is lead by Sgt. Castronovo.


The first activity for they day was rappelling off a nice high parking garage. As we were making circles on our way up to the top floor of the garage, I all of the sudden felt like I was on an airplane about to go sky diving. Its one of those not so easy feelings you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you are about to do something really stupid for no good reason at all. You see, the original plan was for me to get "down" and "hang" in the middle of the side of the building while the guys do what they do. On paper it was a great idea.


The only problem was I had only done this one time "in band camp" and I really didn't remember any of the safety tips or more importantly how to "hang"! Finally we make it up there, set up, get ready and just when I think I am about to climb over the wall Sarge informs me that today I wont be going over since the guy that was supposed to come and hold the rope at the bottom could not make it. YESSSSS!! Relief and sadness at the same time.


I was really excited of all the great pictures we could have taken, but at the same time I was happy to have both feet on the ground. As you can see we still managed to get some good shots, but I was promissed another date with them so I can "hang" with the boys... Great! Good for me :)


After we finished and while the rest of the team was getting ready, I met the two team snipers, Ofc. Vezina and Ofc. Angulo. These guys are the real thing. All I did was asked them to show me was what they do and boom, we got some great stuff!


After, the entire team got together were we managed to get some cool group pictures. As well as some individual pictures of the guys!


A Million thanks to the entire SWAT team. I had an amazing day! Thank you for allowing me to tag along and be a pain in the ass all day. We got so many great shots, that what you see here is just a tiny example of what we accomplished that day.


All images were shot with a Nikon D3, various lenses, various lights, reflectors and a bunch of other equipment.